Different Entry Options For Your Garage Door

If there is someone who consider that keeping the garage door keys is difficult, the door keypad is the best solution for you! Does it make any difficulty to locate the keys each time by opening or closing the door? Do you or your family often lose garage door keys? For those homeowners, the garage is the only easily accessible way to enter inside your residence, is important to make the entrance protectable and accessible to only authorized people so that they could enter in.

Modern accessories give the possibilities of making the controlled access technology accessible to you. A great variety of options is offered for you nowadays so that you could make the right choice. There are different types of garage door lock to choose from. They are: a fingerprint door lock, keyless numeric keypad door lock or a smart card reader key lock. The early 1980s was the time when keyless entry system was first introduced in hotels. What door locks are the most popular among the homeowners today? The answer is: digital keypad, Fingerprint locks, smart card readers and remote control locks.

We offer you a brief description of some innovative types of garage door accessories:

You will not lose if your choice will be a fingerprint or biometric door lock. This technology is being in use nowadays. What is fingerprint technology based on? It is based on a finger recognition technology in which your fingerprint image is stored in door lock and all you have to do it to place your finger on the right place of the lock. One of the excellent technologies, giving controlled access to family members and children is considered to be the fingerprint opener. If you will install the fingerprint opener for your garage, you will not have a necessity to ask your children to memorize the door opening code or you make a directory of door opening codes. It is much easier to once record the fingerprints of your family members and others to whom you want to give access to your home. Only one side of the door is required for the installing of fingerprint opener.

Keyless numeric pad garage door locks are presented with some advantages. You are responsible for those people who will be able to enter into your house. It is also possible to assign different numbers to different people of your acquaintance, so that they could enter your home.

You may also integrate your home security with your keyless door lock. If someone has dialed wrong number a few times, an alarm may work out. A number of wrong attempts will definitely generate a signal to your home security agency to monitor the illegal access to your residence.

Smart card reader technology is now available and popular for many homeowners. In this type of access, a special smart card is waived in front of sensing unit and upon recognition the door lock gets open. Handicap people have great advantage here.